Monday, May 24, 2010

My puppy has a discharge from her eye (more information in question)?

While we were on a vacation around two weeks ago, I noticed a green discharge coming from my puppy's eye (6 month old samoyed). We were in a remote location with no access to a vet. However, the discharge soon went away in a week.

Recently, it started again and we brought the puppy to our vet- she prescribed eye drops and said our puppy might have conjuctivitis. She also said it would get better in two or three days- it has been two days and her eye looks worse. The discharge is green/yellow and liquid and it is coming out thickly from the inside of her eye. What do you think is going on? We will probably go to the vet tomorrow or the next day.

Also, one last thing, our puppy ate a lot of unripe plums out in our yard yesterday (we cleaned them up now) and she had diarrhea. Now, today she didn't eat anything. Is that normal (is she getting the plums out of her system)? She also seems lethargic.

She is probably sick from the plums- if she doesn't eat by tom (or stops drinking water) bring her to the vet.

As for the discharge, if the eyes look worse- bring her back in. Thick yellow/green liquid is almost always a sign of an infection. If it was clear or whitish, it would be "good" discharge.
The prognosis could be correct, but the eye drops definately are not working. That is a painful thing for dogs to go through, and I would suggest going back to the vet just for that reason.
You must go to a vet. At least call one, its free.
Regarding the plums - sounds like the pup has indigestion. She'll come round when she's ready. I'm not sure about the eye discharge. My dogs get eye "gick". It is sometimes whiteish and gooey, and sometimes blackish and crusty. It doesn't bother them. I just wipe it off.
She could have an upper respiratory infection. Ask a vet by phone and give all symptoms to see if it the Upper Respiratory Infection
Plums are very, well lets just say they will clean out the digestive tract very well. Prunes are dryed plums!
I bet she is not feeling well. Try to feed her very light foods for the next few days. Chicken with rice would be a good idea. Some forms of eye infections can be very stuborn to clear up so your pup may just need a different type of anitbiotics.
these are questions you definitly need to be asking your vet! the discharge definitly sounds like a serious infection of some type, and your vet should be able to deal with it accordingly. As for the Diarrhea, you need to tell your vet about this as well. While it's normal for her to not eat because her stomache might be upset, you need to try to get her to eat anyway. There are a multitude of ways to try to get her to do this. First, if she eats dry food, try adding a little bit of warm water to the food. The water brings out more of the smell, and may entice her to at least nibble. Next, try finding this vitamin supplement("Nutristat"), which is available at most major pet stores. put a dab of it on your finger, and in most cases the dog will lick it off, if not, you need to hold her down by picking her up and putting her on your knee, reach around her back, to the bottom of her jaw, and feel for the place where her jaw meets her head and gently put pressure on it, when she opens her mouth(due to reflex), scrape the vitamin supplement onto the roof of her mouth. This will force her to eat it. In some cases, the vitamin supplement is all that a dog needs to make them realize that they are hungry. Sometimes, you have to take it to extreme measures by forcefeeding the food to her. Hold her in the same manner, and place the food all the way at the back of her throat. Reflex will also cause her to have to swallow it this way. in any case get ahold of you vet ASAP!
It is probably an eye cold, my puppy had the same symptoms and my vet gave me some neomycin and my puppy's eye cleared right up. As for the plums I don't know.

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