Thursday, July 30, 2009

My jack russell whines a little sometimes when sitting?

and tries to lick his lower regions, but more in the lower part of his stomach, any ideas as to what it could be. at first I thought it was something stuck inside him, but not to sure what to do. please don't advise the vet, as that is an obvious choice, besides he hates the vet.
Analllllllllll glandssssssss to the rescueeeeeeeee!! haha His anal glands are probably blocked up...if you insist on not taking him to the vet. Put him in the bath tub, put a latex glove on, and lube ur index finger with KY jelly. Insert your finger into his anus and you'll feel a marble like sac about 9 oclock and 3 oclock on the inside of his anus, have someone hold him down b/c he will not like this so much...but squeeze together like popping a pimple and the excess anal fluid will come out. (It's what they do at the animal hospitals..i used to work at one) If you don't want to do risk having him express his anal glands all over your carpet (that's what he's doing when he scoot his butt) Other wise you will risk him getting so impacted that he will need surgery...which is not cheap! So get to squeezing or take him to the vet and have it's cheap.
It doesn't matter if he hates the vet you have to take him in. It is very likely he got into the trash and now something is stuck in her nether regions, it is your job to help him this could be very serious if not quickly dealt with.
Does he try to drag his butt on the floor? His anal glands might be blocked. You can unblock them by holding a very warm, damp cloth over his butt for 3 or 4 minutes, then gently press all around the anus with your fingers. You should get a small amount of oily fluid coming out - if not, try the warm cloth again. Its a very common ailment for terriers.

ps - wear latex gloves if you're squeamish about touching a dog's anus.
How old is your Jack Russell? Does he eat bones? If he does get anything lodged in his intestines, it could be very dangerous for him.

He also could have an a hernia around the stomach or groin area. Again, Hernia's can potentially be very dangerous.

There are to many possibilities, but it's ultimately up to you - your Dog is in pain, that is why he whines - if it was you in pain you would go to the Doctor no matter whether you liked the Doctor or not.

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